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Our Team

We help create a more inclusive and welcoming NC State by supporting members of the campus community impacted by bias incidents.

Campus Coordination

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED), along with the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA), collaborate on BIRT activities and initiatives. Linda McCabe Smith, vice provost for OIED, oversees BIRT and Reggie Barnes, senior director for campus community centers, serves as the BIRT coordinator. Barnes communicates with senior leaders, coordinates incident responses, organizes review teams, and oversees follow-up, education and tracking of all incidents. Barnes is primarily responsible for:

  1. Convening the Initial Review Team
  2. Coordinating support for those impacted by incidents
  3. Coordinating responses to incidents
  4. Overseeing appropriate follow-up, community education and tracking of all incidents
  5. Communicating with senior leaders about incidents
The Initial Review Team (IRT) reviews all reports of bias incidents and may refer cases to individual departments or convene a team of Secondary Responders. We also work to follow up on incidents, recommend action steps, evaluate and discuss the outcomes of previous incident results, and to address logistical decisions of the team. Our team includes:
  • Reggie Barnes (BIRT Coordinator and Senior Director, OIED)
  • Tayah Butler (Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Poole College of Management)
  • Adrienne Davis, (Associate Director, OIED)
  • Thomas Hardiman (Director, Office of Student Conduct)
  • Justine Hollingshead (Chief of Staff and Assistant Vice Chancellor, DASA)
  • Nicola Hooker (Assistant Director of Student Behavior, University Housing)
  • Robinette Kelley (Associate Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity, OIED)
  • Elizabeth Nelson (Professor, Communication)
  • Tina Nelson-Moss (Program Manager/Risk Assessment Case Manager, Environmental Health and Safety)
  • Mary Cole Pike (Public Communications Specialist, University Communications)
  • Renee Wells (Director, GLBT Center)
  • Lisa Zapata (Vice Provost, DASA, Student Wellness)

The Secondary Response Team (SRT) is a larger group of representatives from various offices across campus who agree to work with those impacted by incidents.  When the Initial Review Team recommends that a response team is needed, the BIRT Coordinator will identify and convene a small team of 3-5 individuals to discuss the incident, review the recommended actions and implement the most appropriate intervention strategies.  This approach will enable us to provide more timely and effective support to those impacted by incidents and fosters a stronger culture of support on campus.  This team consists of representatives from the following offices:
  • Counseling Center
  • University Communications
  • OIED Communications
  • University Housing
  • Multicultural Student Affairs
  • GLBT Center
  • Women’s Center
  • OIED Training and Education
  • Office of International Services
  • Disability Services Office
  • Employee Relations (Human Resources)
  • Student Representative

College Diversity Directors

Diversity directors represent each of NC State’s 10 colleges and other units. We work within the colleges to promote diversity among students, faculty and staff, and assist BIRT in reviewing and responding to bias incidents. Our team includes:

  • Allen Cannedy (Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, College of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Regina Gavin Williams (Diversity Coordinator, College of Education)
  • Angelitha Daniel (Director of Minority Engineering Programs, College of Engineering)
  • Jordan McMican (Academic Advisor and Lecturer, University College)
  • Joseph Johnson (Student Diversity Coordinator, College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi (Distinguished Professor and Assistant Dean for Diversity, College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Delisha Hinton (Associate Director of Student Services for Recruitment & Diversity, College of Textiles)
  • Jamila Simpson (Assistant Dean for Diversity and Student Services, College of Sciences)
  • Alexandria Graves (Interim Director, Office for Diversity Affairs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  • Tameka Whitaker (Assistant Dean of Student and Academic Services, College of Design)
  • Director of Community Diversity, College of Natural Resources

BIRT Training

All members of the IRT and SRT must participate in mandatory training designed to:

  • Inform them of the BIRT reporting and response process and procedures
  • Familiarize them with their respective role
  • Familiarize them with relevant institutional policies
  • Educate them about potential university responses, including restorative practices

These sessions will be scheduled as needed throughout the year for incoming members and as refreshers for existing members.